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Large Camp Tunic! Short Sleeves!

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OK, so you're sitting around camp, sweating to death and wishing going naked was an option... BOOM!  Like magic, we give you the Camp Tunic. 
Short Sleeves. SO Cool! It is almost handkerchief weight. 
They were such a hit last year, we brought them back for a limited time!

Super light weight (but not see through!) 100% linen in a short to 3/4 sleeve.  We actually had this linen milled just for Linengarb! Dyed Red, striped awesomeness and long enough that pants are optional! To add to the cool factor: the inspiration for the simple thin stripe comes from a 13th cen. linen found in Akhmim, Egypt.  Great for layering.  Get one while they last! 




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