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Washing Instructions for Linen Garb

Our Linen garb has to survive a lot of abuse- mostly because WE wear our clothes and are very hard on all our garb!  

Hey, we play! Adric fights heavy, and everything we own comes home from an event smelling like a campfire.  The good news is this: you can wash your Linen garb in the washer, on COLD on a GENTLE or DELICATE cycle!

Really. We promise. It's OK!  

While the first cold wash will help remove any extra dye, the linen is colorfast. Got a tunic with embroidery?  Be gentle with it, and yes, you can turn it inside out and wash it on the DELICATE cycle. The embroidery will not bleed or run on the linen. It is almost like magic! 

And Drying? Linen hates high heat, so nuking your garb with a hot dryer is a bad idea. However, while most folks prefer to hang their linen to dry, you actually CAN place our garb in the dryer on "Air Fluff" or "Low" for a bit to knock off some of the stiffness and make it soft.  The French seams are tough, and help your Linen garb to last. 

Linen is a wonderful textile. It just gets softer with age and wears so very well.  A bit of care with these simple instructions will help to keep your garb in great shape!

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