Refunds and Returns

Got an "oops?"  Hey, no worries.  Here is how to return garb:

*First, its automated.  You don't even need to talk to us.  It's OK, we're family!

*You need your order number. It's on your paper packing slip, and also in the emails we sent to you when you ordered.  Order numbers start with LG####.

*Clicking the box icon with the green arrow  below takes you to the start page for returns. Using your order number, you can submit your request.  

*After you have submitted your return request, we send you an email so you can print a prepaid stamp for the return box. If you have the original box, great! But really, any box will do.

*Before you seal the box, WAIT! Write an old fashioned note explaining what you want us to do.  Should we exchange it? New size? Other? Put the explanation in the box and mail it all back using our pre-paid stamp. If a refund is requested, once we receive the return funds will be applied to your credit card or Paypal account. 

*We will take it from there. Once we receive your returned items, we will take a few days get what you need. It can take up to 30 days to re-create a hand-dyed linen garment and ship it to you as a replacement.  If we don't have what you need in stock or cannot replace the item, we will give a full refund! We will contact you via text, so be sure to note a cell phone number. 

*You've got 60 days from purchase if you need a refund or return.

Feel free to get the garb you want today! 

Click the icon below to begin Return Service: