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How to Get Rewards Points and Use for Cash!

Linengarb has a great Loyalty Rewards program to share the love with our Linengarb family! 

Short version:   Automatically get points every time you buy more Linengarb... the points amass, and you may then use the points to score free money and deals on everything in the store! Essentially, it's a free money "Thank You!" for being part of our Linengarb family!

How? Look for the light blue Icon with a present floating on the left side of your screen. Click on it. A pop-up window explains the Loyalty rewards. Sign up, enter your info, and we will keep track of everything for you. We even send emails to remind you to use the points if they have been sitting around for a while! No, they don't expire. And yes, it's that easy! Whenever you want to use your free money, just visit our Linengarb site. Click on the light blue Rewards icon, and login.  All your cool stuff is in one place for you to view.  Select the discount want to use, and a code is generated for you to enter in the discount text box during checkout.  The free money is then applied towards your purchase.  Thank you for being part of our LInengarb family, and check out the Loyalty Rewards!