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Thorsberg Inspired Pants

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Forest Green
Rust Brown
Charcoal Gray

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100% Organic Linen 

The Thorsberg inspired Pants are straight legged and comfortable! With extra gussets in the crotch and butt, our "Regular" size fits most- all the way up to 42 inch waist/ hips.  (Thorsberg pants cinch down as small as 25 inch waist, French seams and a drawstring for great individual fit, no belts needed.) Luscious size too!

They have an incredible range of movement due to the historical cut, just no "footies".  This special edition has a fine weave; softened linen has a light feel that is incredibly oh-so-comfortable for summer!

 Really, we wear these everywhere.  Out to yoga? Yup. Out at a campsite, or out on a fighting field? Of course!  Both models in the photos are wearing the same "Regular" size pants! A an important part of your wardrobe, and such a reasonable price. 


Available in solid colors,

(Runs BIG due to extra fabric in butt:)

unisex size "Regular" ( Fits waist / 25 inches up to 42 inches) BOTH models are wearing the same "Regular" size!

unisex size "Luscious" ( Fits waist / 43 inches up to 55 inches for Hips and butts) 

Pro tip: MEN if you wear your waistband UNDER your belly, you should roll the waistband.  This raises up the crotch so it sits properly between your legs, allowing your full stride and no rips. Hey, we figured you liked to have the full freedom of movement the Thorsberg style pants provides!