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Dipped-dyed Calypso Linen Dress!

Dipped-dyed Calypso Linen Dress!

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Hand-dyed Calypso Linen Dress with Embroidery and POCKETS!

Easy, carefree *ultra adjustable*

The Calypso Linen Dress is inspired by historical extant Grecian art depicting goddesses in all their beauty.  FREE Shipping today!

The Calypso dress is truly magical. Full length, french seams. Beautiful, eye-catching embroidery sets this elegant dress apart.  Belt or no belt, it's so soft and comfy, sure to be a favorite.  A great buy!

  Calypso Linen Dress Size Chart
Seeing is believing! 
Worry Free Sizing! You adjust the armhole, bust and length by moving the dress panels along the linen cord, cinching it down or expanding so it feels good. 

One Size Fits All = True One-Size-Fits All.  Women's dress sizes 4- 34. Yup, it generously will fit your figure!! The images below are BOTH the exact SAME dress!

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Linen Clothing, Hand Dyed, French Seams

Our Linengarb sewn with french seams for maximum comfort and long-term durability and hand-dye our garments. Anything that comes in a color (not white) has already been through the wash and shrunk however much it's going to.

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