The "Go-To" Tunics are battle ready!

Do people ever really fight or do re-enactments in Linengarb?

You BET they do!

Linen is fantastic when it comes to cool comfort because it breathes really well.  We have folks fight in both heavy weapons and also fence in Linengarb!  Not only that, but WE play in our clothes all the time, including the fighting field. Linengarb uses a weight of linen that is a sturdy and durable, while still keeping that soft drape we love. Linen just get better over time;  the more you wash it, the softer it gets. (And you all know to wash your Linengarb in cold water, right? We figured y'all knew that.)  Our garb can actually go into the washer just like all your other cold water clothes.  Linen hates high heat- so no "High" setting in the dryer, though it doesn't mind a light fluff setting or "tumble dry low".

So go ahead, enjoy your events.  And when you open up that clothing tub and wrinkle your nose at the aroma of campfire smoke and sweaty gear, have no fear! You can toss Linengarb tunics and pants into the washer like everything else.

Hey, have the battle is doing the laundry after an event!!What a great look'n marshal!

[caption id="attachment_2369" align="alignnone" width="940"]What a beautiful sight! What a beautiful sight![/caption]