July 22, 2023 1 min read

Where is Everything??!

Have we died? 

No, lol. (Although we dye alot!) We have been in production of Herringbone Woven Linen for our LInen garb for months! We are working on batches of herringbone linen tunics, pants and dresses! Currently we have batches of our Warrior class Rus pant in Storm Blue-gray and Charcoal Black ready to take home!

So, what's up with the rest of the online store? 

We know. Herringbone linen is wonderful; so where is all the cool herringbone garb?? Our magical elves were all jerks and were let go, so we can no longer instantly produce whatever we want magically overnight. No worries; we are currently working on more garb! We will place more tunics, pants and dresses up for sale online as they are complete. 

As seen at Pennsic 50: Herringbone Linen!