About The Wyvern Tunic History

About The Wyvern Tunic History

Yes!  We love embroidery, and we have fallen in love with a perfect extant fabric that is the inspiration for our up-coming embroidered tunic.  We wanted to explore more cultures across the middle ages, and this fabric has quite a history! 

It started in Byzantium, as a luxurious samite twill.  Later it traveled to Europe-perhaps as an expensive gift, or a precious trade-and was lovingly hand-embroidered with Anglo-Saxon designs.  Like many fabric treasures, it traveled yet again.  It was finally found buried in the Saint-Front Perigeuex cathedral;  cut up and repurposed as part of an Episcopalian Bishop's shoe in 12th century France, of all places! 

We enjoy bringing these treasures to light! Such rich history inspired our Wyvern tunic design, and we hope you will fall in love with the beauty of all that history. 

Gwen and Adric


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