Spring Events?

Spring Events?

Spring has sprung! Will there be any spring events?!?

 Either way, we are gearing up for better days ahead!

We hope you are well, and that you have friends near and far that will soon reunite!  We miss our Linengarb family.  Covid brought huge supply chain issues.... finding the right linen fabrics was a challenge, disruptions in supply chain of dyes... if you had troubles, we are with you!   

The good news? Our love for history and the friends we have made kept up our spirits, and we see that our supply challenges are working themselves out.  We may have to wait a bit longer to get the quality and dyes we want, but they are coming. New Rus pants, Thorsberg pants... and yes, dresses. And just maybe, because Gwen loves runes so much, the dresses  we have planned are rumored to have beautiful embroidery on the neckline...

Take advantage of the Sales and special deals going on today- our basic Tunicas promise to be perfect for summer, and the Coptic Sea Tunics are $50 OFF the regular price!  When our ability to dye more garments returns, we look forward to serving you with amazing linen garb!

Staying Strong!

 Staying Strong... and having a bit of fun! 



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