"Sea" the New Year's Designs!

"Sea" the New Year's Designs!

With all the holiday travel, we took a trip down one our favorite periods of history... and came back with some epic inspiration from the waters of the Nile!

Coptic Egypt produced some of the most vibrant textile designs ever preserved, and the wealth of tunics and textiles from the Roman era right up through the 15th century is astounding and colorful. You may just agree!

By the way, the term "Coptic" has two meanings; on the one hand it a broad term commonly used to signify a group of ancient and medieval textiles that were produced by the Copts, who were an early Egyptian Christian community.  Coptic Christians are also a thriving community of faith that endures to this day, and part of their heritage is this woven art form that spanned centuries.   

We've collected a few photos of these tunic fragments that have the theme of the sea! 

As they wove tunics for the Roman clients, you can see dolphins, fish, Nereids and swimmers.  You can be sure these pearls his will be our inspiration for the next Coptic Tunic! 
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