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November 23, 2017 1 min read


Here is a look at one of our past Coptic Tunics!   

 We have chosen a rare complete linen Coptic tunic, (Egypt, c. 5th - 7th Century AD), with woven decorative 'clavi' over the shoulders, parallel bands around the arms, and two rectangular panels on either side. The back of the neckline is hemmed as is each side, with a thicker linen seam under each armpit. Interestingly,  there is a hidden interior belt loop sewn into the inside of the garment, allowing the tunic to be wrapped around the torso and cinched tight.  The ancient garment was being sold for $5,000 on private auction.  Our version, nicknamed the Lion Tunic for the running lion on the clavi, debuted in 2018.