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March 03, 2022 1 min read

Sadly, not this year. But... what is happening? 

We are out connecting with new sources of linen! It's true: supply chain issues have continued to plague this industry, and we have met this challenge by focusing on new ways to improve our small family of connections with new local sources.  There are numbers of historical mills that went out of business during the 1980's that have since been revitalized with home grown grit and American work.  While this shift will cause a disruption in our production and possibly slow our roll out of new garb, we love  how this new future looks! 

So, sorry Gulf Wars! This means Linengarb- which had registered and hoped to go!-is not in our cards. Gwenhwyfar and Adric, the owners of Linengarb, will be attending Gulf Wars as participants and patrons, but not as merchants this year.  We have our hopes set on Pennsic, and with fair winds and clear skies, hope to alight on their shores full of treasures to plunder!