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March 12, 2020 1 min read

Merchants need their family.  Not only each other, as husband and wife, but also our chosen family and those we serve.  This year's cancelation of Gulf Wars has left Linengarb with a ton- and we do mean a TON- of beautiful hand-dyed garb in wonderful soft, linen just perfect for summer months.  Our Coptic Sea tunics are ready, and we have new Thorsberg inspired pants and lightweight Rus pants to die for! Instead of spreading the virus, we are going to spend the LOVE:  all our online garb will be 10% OFF during March 12-March 22.  Plus, all our Linengarb family will have their garb shipped safely to their home for FREE!   Share the Love! https://www.linengarb.com/discount/FREE%2520SHIPPING-%2520LOVE%2520YA!