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How to Wear the Aurora Dress- A Video Tutorial!

by Jennifer & Darin Bruck February 23, 2017

How to Wear the Aurora Dress- A Video Tutorial!

Sometimes it's just easier to watch someone else to see how things get put together!  

We've provided a tutorial video that gives you the easiest ways to pin the Aurora Dresses as chitons, a peplos and a stola.  (Not even sure what those words mean? Yes! You are perfect for this video.)  Already know how to use  fibula? There is a trick or two for you as well...like how the Aurora dresses are invertible.  Meaning, the bottom of the dress becomes the top! (You can thank the hubby half of Linengarb for that idea- he likes to think outside of the box!)  It's just so cool!  
(Did you miss it? The  link for the tutorial video is located at the bottom of the Home page.)
When you are done, shop the Aurora dresses for your colors and size... there are Aurora Dresses for  Pixiesmall  size (women's dress size 2-10)   Blessed size (most women with curves, dress size 12-20) and   Goddess sizes (women's dress sizes 24-38).  
Jennifer & Darin Bruck
Jennifer & Darin Bruck

Jennifer and Darin, otherwise known in the SCA as ("Lady Gwenhwyfar" and "Sir Adric Morwin") co-founded Linengarb years ago because they could not find anyone who made great fighter pants! Today they love to travel to many events, own 2 trailers, 4 cats, 3 washers (dye is very messy!) and claim one son, Lars. Both are pyros, and believe the other one creates more of a mess during projects. Gwen embroiders, and loves the camera. Adric can build anything he imagines, and wins every Trivial Pursuit game he has ever played. Neither one likes cauliflower, or the feeling of squishy mud between their toes.

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