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"How can I find Linengarb at an event?"

February 27, 2016 1 min read

Linengarb is our traveling home too!  We will be attending and merchanting at an SCA event called Gulf Wars in Lumberton, MS.  You can find us by looking for the loudest, most colorful tent around...Adric says our tent is either a landmark or an eyesore, take your pick! Either way, it sure makes it easier to find us on site. And we typically bring specialty colors  that you won't find on our regular offerings: colors like "Kingfisher Blue" and "Muir Green" or "Happy Accident".  Ah, yes! The mystery and charm of hand-dying produces many beautiful results.  Not to mention, (but we SO are) that we are unveiling Stripey pants too, in a small number of pants we made just for Gulf Wars. Come find us and say hello! - Darin and Jen, and Lars (a.k.a Sir Adric and Lady Gwen, and Lord Lars). Come by any time!

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