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Linen St. Birgitta Coif

Linen St. Birgitta Coif

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St. Birgitta Coifs are so pretty! We thank you for spreading the LOVE:  Birgitta Coifs temporarily sold out! We are making more for the summer months! 

  The Birgitta Cap has two layers of 100% lightweight Linen, with a smooth linen band that finishes the edge and gently gathers the pleats at the nap of the neck. White linen only. 

The lace at the crown is lovingly tucked between sturdy layers of linen to keep it all in place. The double layer of linen keeps the outside pristine white while absorbing the sweat and work of the day underneath, and there is plenty of room for any buns or braids at the back.

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100% Linen, Hand Dyed, French Seams

All of our garb is 100% linen and sewn with french seams for maximum comfort and long-term durability. We use natural dyes to hand-dye each of our garments. Anything that comes in a color (not white) has already been through the wash and shrunk however much it's going to.

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