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Coif & FREE Green Screen!

Magic Deal:

Buy 1 Coif from our Grab-Bag and get a FREE Green Screen! FREE SHIPPING during checkout!

Buy 1 hand-dyed  coif at $34 and magically get $75 Green Screen for FREE! Coifs are 100% linen- color is pure luck from our Grab Bag- and the Green Screen is well, the color of money-like the money you save today! 

Green Screens make your image crystal clear on virtual backgrounds. No more pixelating and ghosting- your improved image is awesome with the Green Screen!  

These green screens are amazing and for a limited time. They attach to the back of your chair, then fold up out of the way in it's own large tote.  The large circle  pops up easily and blocks outthe mess, creating a smooth line for the virtual program to follow. The small green screen is double ply thick, so that no ambient lighttoys with the video feed. Brilliant Deal!