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Norse Valkyrie Linen Gown

Size Guide

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Designed as a tribute to those we have loved, the embroidered runes on the Linen Valkyrie Gown are placed over the heart.  They promise, "In This Family, No One Fights Alone.

Click the blue Size Guide at the top of the page to check your measurements!

The full circle gown! See it on a live model She is wearing Curvy size gown: 

 Feel confident knowing the quality of this tunic is what you want.   There are only a few made,  making yours a fantastic gift!  *While supplies last!

Silver on Blue
Silver on Charcoal
Silver on White
Silver on Green
Silver on Purple
Silver on Grey
Black on White
Black on Sky Blue
Black on Rusted Orange
Black on Lavender
Red on Grey
Black on Flax
Gold on Purple
Gold on Green
Silver on Gwens Green
Gold on Red
Red on Grey
Silver on Plum
Silver on Lavender
Gold on Charcoal
Gold on Blue
Red on Pale Ice Blue
Gold on Wine
Black on Red
Red on Charcoal
Silver on Cerulean