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Herringbone Linen Tunic -Norman Style!

Herringbone Linen Tunic -Norman Style!

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This is a small batch of black on black Herringbone Norman Tunics, plus FREE SHIPPING this week during checkout!  It is a medium weight fabric blend of linen and bamboo, which gives it an additional layer of strength and antimicrobial qualities while keeping it breathable.  It has been tested on the field as part of heavy armored combat and is also useful as  Templar garb too. The Key hole neckline makes the Norman Tunic easy to layer. 



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100% Linen, Hand Dyed, French Seams

All of our garb is 100% linen and sewn with french seams for maximum comfort and long-term durability. We use natural dyes to hand-dye each of our garments. Anything that comes in a color (not white) has already been through the wash and shrunk however much it's going to.

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