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Aurora Dress Size Chart


 Aurora Dress Size Chart
Women's dress sizes 0-8. Also suitable for teens.
Most women with curves, dress sizes 10-18
Women's dress size 20-38

Dip-dyed by hand, the Aurora Dress is sure to be a summer favorite!  The nine inch tall design is actually embroidered onto the linen and is inspired by murals found in Pompeii.  Your Aurora Dress is versatile too- it can be pinned several different ways to make a chiton, a peplos and a toga- three looks all out of the same dress! It's a wonderfully cool linen dress that fits your curves:

Pixie size (teens to women's 6 dress size)

Blessed size (most women with curves, women's dress size 8-18)

Goddess size (dress size 20-38)

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