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Medium Norse Family Tunic Silver Embroidery

Size Guide
Norse Family Tunic Size Chart

Size and Measures


Shoulder to cuff.


Full Circumference


Full Circumference


Full Circumference

Medium 33 inches 38 inches 36 inches 36 inches
Large 35 inches 45 inches 44 inches 38 inches
XL 38 inches 58 inches 56 inches 40 inches
2XL 40 inches 72 inches 70 inches  41  inches
* Includes 5" extra linen added on purpose for custom hem at cuff.
*Please note linen color in Order Notes!

Score the last of the Medium Silver Embroidery Norse Family Tunics.  This tunic is white, and can be dyed any color of your choice at no additional cost. **Specify color in Order Notes!!

  We have sold out, except for these few tunics we have saved for  End of Summer specials.   

Standing by those we love, the runes on the Norse Family Tunic say, "In This Family, No One Fights Alone!" 

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