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Rus Pants Size Chart

Yes, they will fit!

All our Rus pants have an 80 inch waist on a drawstring, and cinch down to 25 inches


Both models here are wearing the same size Rus Pants!  Calf opening is 22 inches. Break -away ties  hold the Pant leg securely at the knee, so they blouse exactly at the right place regardless of your height!

( The model on the left is 6'3", the one on the right is 5'7")

Rus pants are on back order!

Now no matter what you do in your Rus pants, they fit your stride. 

     Seeing is believing: all the photos show people wearing the exact same size Rus pant. It is an amazing volume of comfort and ease.  Our linen Rus pants sport French seams and are hand-dyed the color of your choice. This batch is perfect for an evening out, or fancy duds at court or a feast.  They are amazingly cool- and you will be too!  One size fits most- starting at 24-inch waist all the way up to 80 inches!

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