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*NEW* Kraken Dress more on the way!

Size Guide
Aurora Dress Size Chart


 Aurora Dress Size Chart
Women's dress sizes 0-8. Also suitable for teens.
Most women with curves, dress sizes 10-18
Women's dress size 20-38

Take a  Sneak Peek! This year's  Kraken Edition debuted at Pennsic. Another batch will go live soon! 

We sold out of the Kraken at Pennsic, but don't worry... the NEW Kraken will be released online for everyone soon!  Dip-dyed by hand, the Aurora Dress is sure to be a beautiful favorite!  The 9 inch tall design is actually embroidered onto the linen and is inspired by Minoan designs. 

Your Aurora Dress is versatile too- it can be pinned several different ways to make a chiton, a peplos and a toga- three looks all out of the same dress! It's a wonderfully comfortable linen dress that fits all curves:

Pixie size (Women's curvy up to a 12 dress size, just not as much sleeve)
Blessed size (Women's dress size 12-18)
Goddess size (dress size 20-38) 
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We'll include a FREE set of small Roman fibula with your purchase!
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