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We are bound for Gulf Wars!

by Jennifer & Darin Bruck February 20, 2017

We are bound for Gulf Wars!

We are off to Gulf Wars 2017, an event held by the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in Lumberton, MS!  

The linengarb site will temporarily close for Gulf War, starting Sunday, March 5th.

We will reopen on March 21st, with brand new striped linen Camp Tunics and Camp Pants, and even a few Norman Style Tunics to boot!  

Even better, you can get free stuff starting March 21!  When you add an item to your cart, look for the text box labeled "Order Notes" that pops up over the Checkout button.
  If you write the secret message "Gwen says I get a free coif for being awesome" in the Order Notes section, you will receive a coif (usually $10) for FREE.It's our way of saying thanks for being part of our Linengarb family.


Jennifer & Darin Bruck
Jennifer & Darin Bruck

Jennifer and Darin, otherwise known in the SCA as ("Lady Gwenhwyfar" and "Sir Adric Morwin") co-founded Linengarb years ago because they could not find anyone who made great fighter pants! Today they love to travel to many events, own 2 trailers, 4 cats, 3 washers (dye is very messy!) and claim one son, Lars. Both are pyros, and believe the other one creates more of a mess during projects. Gwen embroiders, and loves the camera. Adric can build anything he imagines, and wins every Trivial Pursuit game he has ever played. Neither one likes cauliflower, or the feeling of squishy mud between their toes.

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