Linengarb was started by a family who didn’t sew.

Linengarb Family


Well, at the time one of us couldn’t sew (we won’t mention who, but we love her anyway).  As re-enactment enthusiasts, we played in the SCA, and we played hard.  All the ready made garb we could find was small, made of cotton or (horror!) made of polyester fabrics. Ouch!

We Needed Big Boy Clothes. Darin Bruck, founder of Linengarb, is a big boy. At 6’3″ he managed to rip all his pants, all the time.  As our son grew, he continued the pattern.  What to do?? Life is short! When you think of it, you need linen garb ready made. Get it, and get it done.

Become Your Own Solution.  We started with the garb we wish someone would make. Like real heavy weight linen Pants and Tunics that won’t rip.  Clothes in rich, beautiful colors that made you look great-“Oooh, what if they were hand-dyed (even better!)- with real period construction like gussets and gores?”  And French seams, so when She-who-must-not-be-named tosses the clothes in the cruel washer they don’t fray all crazy- wouldn’t that be awesome?!?  Right on! We thought so too.

We Made Pretty Stuff for Everyone.  Embroidered Coptic Tunics and Rus Style Pants are just the beginning.  We love clothes, and great ideas like these just come out of Darin’s head.  He’s just good like that.  Also, he has a wife who likes pretty things too and wants more girl clothes added… So, hang out with us. There is more to come.  We love to serve folks who live life to the fullest and love to play in our clothes, just like we do. Welcome to the family!

We travel! You can find our tent at events...just look for the crazy colors and the flying Linengarb standards.
We travel! You can find our tent at events…just look for the crazy colors and the flying Linengarb standards.

Warm Regards,

Darin Bruck

Owner of Linengarb



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  1. What are the events that you will be participating in this year?

    • Darin Bruck

      Linengarb will be traveling to several SCA events coming soon: Gulf Wars, Border Raids, Lilies War and Pennsic, just to name a few! Of course, we often attend events just to play too! Look for us on the field or in a class!

  2. Hilarianna Snaebjorn's Wif

    Hey and hi!
    Hubby and I are speechless! The new coptic tunics are just AWESOME! They fit perfectly, the colors are vibrant, and the new embroidery is spectacular. You have outdone yourselves! Thank you for making us look so good.
    Yours in service,
    Hilarianna Snaebjorn’s Wif (MKA Nancy T. Smith, of Martinsburg WV)

  3. Sawbina Fahy

    Hi there! I live in Calontir and was wondering if you are still planning on being at Lilies War? I don’t think I have seen you there in the past, but I am really excited because I am overhauling my entire wardrobe over to linen this year. Let me know so I can save up! 🙂

    • Darin Bruck

      Hi Sawbina, Yes! Linengarb will be at Lilies War this year. Many moons ago Calontir was our home, and we still enjoy getting out to the midwest when we can. You can spot us on site pretty easy… our tent walls are all kinds of colors, and our bright orange and blue “LinenGarb” sign is to find. We look forward to chatting with you in person!

  4. Richard Tanksley

    I want to buy a go to tunic. I am 5’9″ tall about 255 lbs. Which size should I purchase for wearing with SCA armor. XL or Large?

    Thank you

    • Hi! Lots of fighters love the ease and breathability of linen! You would feel great in our XL “Go-To” tunic… it’s got a bit of room to throw shots comfortably, and an extra gusset under the arm as well. We look forward to serving you!

  5. Cherry Lobo

    Thank You, so much for letting us to come visit with you. We love the LinenGrab! This weekend will be out first chance to wear them.
    Cann’t wait to show off the dress with three styles. We forgot to get back with in a couple of week, to order pants.
    So when you get back on the 15th, we will order more pants. (wh, bl, , rd and if you have a pair that would go with the peachy coral?)
    Anyway hope to see you soon.
    Thank You again, Luis and Lucia

  6. So, are you back from GWW yet? I’m really jonesing for a new tunic!

  7. Hey, been looking to buy some Rus pants, any chance you’ll stock up soon?

  8. Denise McMahon

    There is a group of us (like 15-20 folks) in Atlantia that are thinking about a bulk order of your Coptic Tunics to use as livery for the upcoming reign of TRH Dietrich and Thora. Will you be doing another run of your lovely Coptic Tunics? Our kingdoms colors are white and blue. Do you have the tunics in different weights of linen or just one? I have to say that any linen garb I have ever ordered from you has always exceeded my expectations and worn just beautifully.

    • Hello Denise! It would be stunning to see a host of proud Atlantians in white and blue embroidered Coptic tunics! We do have plans to make another run of Coptic tunics this year, and there will be several color choices- blue and white among them! With the celebration of the 50th Year of the SCA, we have plans to make this one pretty special. The weight of linen we use is comfortable AND a little more sturdy than you might expect since we want the embroidery to last! We are hard on our clothes, especially after week long events… so our linen garb has to survive US! The new Coptics will be out in late spring. We typically will make announcements about it here and on Facebook for any of our Linengarb family, so be sure to stay in the loop!

  9. I am looking for a white linen tunic much like was popular in the 1970s. with a drawstring neck and maybe embroidered flowers around the neck slit.

    Is something like that possible to have made?


    • Hi Joel! Thanks for checking us out! The kind of garment you are talking about- actually, ANY custom made garment!- is totally doable. However, you would need to place an order for 50 of those tunics at a time in bulk to keep the price point we are able to offer…probably NOT what you had in mind, lol! As you may have guessed, Linengarb is not a custom tailor site. We specialize in doing a chosen few designs of historical tunics and pants really well, and making them hand-dyed to boot! Our specialized offers remain the unique, limited edition Coptic tunics we offer once each year. The release date for this years Celebration Coptic tunic is just around the corner, so you may want to check it out!

  10. Esperanza

    What is the weight of linen (in ounces) that you use for your “go-to” tunics?

    • Hi Esperanza! Excellent question! Our “Go-To” tunics- and actually most of our garb- is made from 8 or 9 ounce linen, with a smooth weave (not rustic!) We find this weight to be the perfect blend of durability and breathability (not too heavy, not too delicate) and still retains the soft drape we love. It just gets softer every time you wash it! And the way we camp and play, you had better believe there is a ton of linen garb to wash after every event! Frequent washing is yet another reason we use a better weight and French seams as well; our garb has to preform well over time with lots of regular use. Thanks for thinking ahead, and come by any time!

  11. Howdy. Do you offer a short or 3/4 sleeve tunic, or just long sleeves?
    Thank you.

    • Hi! Thanks for dropping us a note! There are times we offer 3/4 sleeves, and at this time we do not offer short sleeves. Why? Because most of the historical evidence we use has long sleeves. But hey, I’ll bet you own a pair of scissors… and there are numbers of folks we know that take our basic tunics and make them their own, through embroidery or customizing the garment itself! Its actually fun for us to see all the ways people change up the look- and its fun for people to spend time making it “pretty” through their own artistic expression! We are happy to serve, either way!

  12. Agnarr B Gamilson

    Looking at your To-Go Tunics and pants are quite tempting. As I work toward losing weight, it looks like this type of garb could work with me and keep me looking good in the mean time. (Honestly, I don’t think that I could make them myself for that price.) Now to debate colors and scheme…

    I have no real experience working with linen myself, how difficult is it to add trim at home to your tunics?

    • Hi Agnarr, Thanks for getting in touch! We hand-dye all our garb, so the colors are fun. And it is really ridiculously easy to add trim. Folks do it all the time! They’d rather play it smart, get the garb and make it their own by adding trim. All our garb has French seams- this means you can actually wash it (on COLD wash!) in your regular washer on the gentle cycle. French seams ALSO mean you have a visual straight sewn line to guide you when it comes time to add your trim- no need to draw or add pencil lines. Linen is wonderful to sew through, so whether you are hand stitching embroidery or adding trim by machine, it’s a dream. When you are done, shoot us some pictures! We would love to see what you do. -Gwen and Eadric

  13. Lis Schraer

    When will the elaborate Coptic tunics be available? We weren’t able to go to Pennsic and I can’t find them on your web site. Thanks!

    • Hello Lis,

      Thanks for getting in touch! As it happens, there are a few last Coptics left for sale, and they are currently on the website.

      Thanks for being part of our Linengarb family- come by any time!
      Warm Regards,

      Jennifer Bruck
      aka Lady Gwenhwyfar Mwyn
      Co-Founder of Linengarb

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